Heart and lung disease is a major cause of death both in the UK and worldwide.  Heart Care (Walsall Cardiac Rehabilitation Trust) is a local charity that helps the communities of Walsall and Sutton Coldfield to recover from illnesses such as cardiovascular disorders, circulatory disorders and chronic lung disease. 

We understand that recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery can leave you feeling vulnerable and frightened but with our expert help we can help you to recover from your illness with the confidence to return back to a continued healthy active life. We help you to recover from your illness by offering unique programmes of physical exercise and expert advice.

As well as cardiac rehabilitation, we also help people to recover from other long term conditions such as cancer, stroke, TIA & Diabetes. 

Here at Heart Care Walsall Cardiac Rehabilitation Trust) we know your health happiness and wellbeing can be greatly improved through exercise and a healthy lifestyle.